Vasco Wijnimport Portuguese wines tasting at Special wines Amsterdam

I was invited to a wine tasting event at Special Wines in Amsterdam, where I sampled wines imported by Vasco Wijnimport. In this article, I’ll take you through my tasting notes. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a connection with some of the wines that you’d like to try yourself.

What is Vasco Wijnimport?

Vasco Wijnimport is an importer of unique wines from Portugal. They exclusively supply the business market throughout the Netherlands, providing beautiful Portuguese wines that can be found at various wine shops and restaurants in the country.

The tasting with my tasting notes

I tasted eight wines, which is just a small part of their portfolio. They have approximately 35 wines in their portfolio.

  • Conde Villar – Bruto Reserva – Blanc de Noir is a wine made from a single red grape variety, Baga, and produced using the traditional method, just like Champagne. The wine has a medium yellow color, fine foam, aromas of green apple, fermenting bread, brioche, herbs and citrus, a taste of green apple, brioche, herbs and spices with medium acidity and a pleasant finish. The price ranges between €17-20.
  • Ala dos Namorados is a fresh white wine made in the Vinho Verde style, where the grapes are harvested young and unripe. This results in a low alcohol percentage (9.5%) and a fresh, light style. It has a light yellow color with small visible bubbles, aromas of green and red apple and white flowers, and a palate of green and red apple, pear, and a slight bubbly sensation with fresh medium(+) acidity. The price ranges between €8-10.
  • Flor d’Penalva – Colheita Selecionada is made from a field blend of six different local grape varieties. It has a warm yellow color and aromas of floral pink flowers, green apple, and citrus notes. Its taste is characterized by citrus, green apple, peach, and orange flavors, with notes of vanilla. With medium(+) acidity and a soft finish, it is priced at €15,-.
  • Fio de Oiro is a beautiful light rosé made from the red Baga grape. It’s my favorite rosé, which I immediately bought and enjoyed in the sun. It has aromas of strawberry and raspberry combined with spicy tones. The palate includes strawberries, raspberries, dried green herbs, and white pepper. It has medium acidity, low tannins, and an elegant, very pleasant finish. The price is €16.
  • Flor d’Penalva Reserva has a beautiful, warm red color and aromas of ripe red fruit with notes of vanilla. The taste is a palette of ripe red fruit, cherries, plums, vanilla, sage, and a little mint and it is priced at €15,-.
  • Arqueiros tinto is made from 66% Castelão and 33% Baga. It has a pleasant light red color, attractive aromas of warm cherries, strawberry and spiciness, and a palate of cherries, strawberries, vanilla, wood structure with medium tannins and acidity. The wine Arqueiros tinto is also sometimes called the Pinot Noir of Portugal. The price is €10.
  • Real Batalha is made up of 33% Castelão and 66% Baga. As there is more Baga in this wine, it gives the wine more structure and spiciness. It has a beautiful purple-red color and is very aromatic with lots of concentrated red fruit, warm cherries, and spices. The palate has ripe red fruit, cherries, strawberries, and lots of dried herbs. The wine is full and accessible, with medium(+) tannins and medium acidity. The price is €12.50.
  • Volte-Face Reserva tinto has a luxurious and striking label with a mask on it. The wine has aged for 12 months in French and American oak for more complexity and balance. It has a beautiful dark red color and complex aromas of cherries, laurel, vanilla, coconut, red berries, and strawberry jam. The flavor profile includes spicy tomato, ripe strawberry, rosemary, licorice, and cocoa, with medium(++) tannins and medium(+) acidity, and an elegant long finish. The price is €20.

Summary of the Wine Tasting

I had a great time reviewing the portfolio of Vasco Wijnimport. I even bought some wine to try at home and particularly enjoyed the rose in the sun. Thank you, Sofia and Silvia, for the invitation. Vasco Wijnimport imports truly unique wines from Portugal that offer great price-quality ratios. Their prices range from €8 to €20, but they also offer limited editions of wines that have been aged on the seafloor, which cost around €100. I’m especially fond of the rosé, but I would love to have all the bottles in stock. For more information about Vasco Wijnimport and Special Wines, visit their respective websites.

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