Unveiling the Aesthetics and Taste of Kings of Prohibition’s Unique Bottles: A Review You Can’t Miss!

Have you ever seen bottles like these? The cool shape caught my eye, and I was curious about how they taste. Big thanks to Vinites and Kings of Prohibition for hooking me up with these bottles to try. Kings of Prohibition Wines is an Australian wine company that makes these wines. The names of the wines are inspired by the wild days of Prohibition in the United States back in the 1920s. It was a crazy time, known as the roaring twenties, when legends like Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel, Lucky Luciano, and bootlegger Stella Beloumant were making moves. These legends played a huge role in spreading wine all over the world and are the inspiration behind the Kings of Prohibition wine series.

king of prohibition chardonnay bottle back label
king of prohibition Shiraz bottle back label
king of prohibition Old Tawny bottle

My tasting notes of the Kings of Prohibition wines

Beside being an awesome bottle to check out the wine itself, it’s also super interesting. Inspired by the legends of the roaring twenties, you really get the vibes, aroma, and flavor of a delicious wine with a bit of a wild side. They go really well on their own, but they also pair amazingly with some hearty grub, like a juicy burger, crispy fries, or some other tasty snacks. And they also complement other dishes like creamy pasta, beef, and a decadent chocolate dessert. Here are my personal tasting notes of the Kings of Prohibition wines.

king of prohibition chardonnay in glass 4
king of prohibition chardonnay in glass 4
king of prohibition chardonnay in glass 4

Chardonnay ‘Kings of Prohibition Stella Beloumant (86/100)

Color: Golden yellow with a shiny rim.

Nose: The wine has a full and intense aroma, with notes of vanilla, wood, sweet coconut, peach, and apple. These flavors combine to create a rich chardonnay profile.

Palate: On the palate, you’ll experience delightful fruit flavors of peach and apple, accompanied by hints of vanilla, coconut, and a touch of green grass. The wine has medium acidity and a medium aftertaste.

Overall: This chardonnay is robust yet elegant, with a rustic charm and subtle nuances. It pairs well with dishes like pasta with leek, tarragon and gorgonzola or with a creamy sauce. It also complements snacks, cheese, or can be enjoyed on its own.

king of prohibition chardonnay in glass
king of prohibition Shiraz in glass

Shiraz ‘Kings of Prohibition Lucky Luciano’ (85/100)

Color: A nice ruby red color with purple to brick rim.

Nose: Fruity with prominent notes of wood vanilla, caramel fudge, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, leather, and chocolate, with hints of bourbon whiskey.

Palate: This wine has a warm but fresh and fruity style, with flavors of chocolate, ripe red fruit, caramel fudge, medium acidity, medium (-) tannins, and lingering notes of bourbon whiskey in the aftertaste.

Overall: A very nice and elegant red wine with some rough edges. It is accessible and pairs well with BBQ or hamburgers. It can also be enjoyed on its own, but truly shines when accompanied by food or snacks.

Old Tawny ‘Kings of Prohibition Roy Olmstead’ (87/100)

Color: medium brick, true, not your typical old tawny port color.

Nose: notes of raisins, dried apple, pleasant fruity, nutty, and herbal aromas.

Palate: smooth mouthfeel, with medium sweetness and acidity. Enjoy flavors of raisins and dried apple, followed by a long aftertaste.

Overall: This Old Tawny wine has a gentle yet robust profile, offering accessible aromas and flavors reminiscent of a Pedro Ximenez sherry. It stands out on its own but pairs exceptionally well with very sweet desserts, such as a chocolate lava cake. For enhanced fruity vibes, I would recommend chilling the wine in the fridge for 15 minutes before serving.

king of prohibition old tawny in glass 2
king of prohibition chardonnay in glass 4
king of prohibition chardonnay in glass 4
king of prohibition chardonnay in glass 4

Overall view of the wines

It was such a cool experience trying these Kings of Prohibition wines in fancy bottles. The only downside of these awesome bottles is their weight when they’re empty. They weigh 693 grams, which is way too much and contributes to a bigger carbon footprint. So, I hope the next vintages come in lighter bottles.

If you’re looking for something special for your BBQ or a gift for your BBQ buddy, definitely bring this wine along. If you want something unique that catches your eye, go for it!

A big thank you to Vinites and Kings of Prohibition for sending me these bottles!

More information: https://www.kingsofprohibition.com/

More information about Vinites: https://vinites.com/

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