Tinc Set invited Iñigo from L’Olivera Cooperativa & Can Calopa

Wine importer Tinc Set invited winemaker Iñigo from L’Olivera Cooperativa and Can Calopa to showcase his wines at the Weijnschenk wine store in Amsterdam. I attended the tasting and found it to be a great opportunity to taste a variety of excellent wines and ask the winemaker questions. It’s also convenient that you can purchase your favorite wines on the spot and enjoy them again at home.

What is ‘Olivera Cooperativa en Can Calopa?

At L’Olivera Cooperativa, many people with a distance to the labor market work. Since 1974, they have been working with a lot of love for wine and for the social project. Their work is focused on emotion, gaining new experiences, and making a living. They strive for a true expression of the environment and the winery, which you can taste in their wines. I found it very beautiful to be able to taste their wines. Can Calopa is a sub-project where they focus on organic, natural, and low-intervention wines.

Tasting notes

  • Cava Reserva Superior L’Olivera, 100% Macabeo! Vinification is done in both wood and steel for a nice balance and thick body. The second fermentation in the bottle happens as soon as there is demand for the bottles, so it may be that you buy an older wine that I have already drunk, a nice unique and sustainable approach. Beautiful yellow color in the glass, fine mousse, pleasant bubbles in your mouth, notes of apple and citrus without dominance of yeasts, very enjoyable. It is really a richer form of Cava. Price is €22
  • Blanc de Seré is a blend of Xarel.lo, Macabeu, Parellada, Garnatxa Blanca, Malvasia, and Chardonnay. It has an attractive yellow color and fresh, fruity, and accessible aromas. The flavor profile consists of apple and minerals, and while slightly complex, it is mostly fresh and fruity with medium acidity. The price is €12.
  • Airos Rose is made from 100% Garnatxa grapes. It has a slightly dark rose color and herbal aromas with notes of peach and apple. The palate includes flavors of raspberries, strawberries, dried herbs, and spices. It has low tannins and medium(+) acidity. The price is €14.
  • Tossudes is a blend of Garnatxa, Monastrell, Tempranillo, and Trepat. It has a light red color in the glass and offers aromas of cherries, raspberries, and grapefruit zest. On the palate, it has flavors of ripe cherries, fresh raspberries, spices, white pepper, and rosemary. This wine has a bitter aftertaste with medium tannins and medium-high acidity, making it a bold wine with a healthy dose of willfulness. It is priced at €15.
  • Vinyes de Barcelona is the only wine that is born in Barcelona. It is a complex and robust red wine made from Garnatxa and Syrah. This wine has a beautiful red color and aromas of full aromatic red fruit and red flowers, with some spicy notes. On the palate, you can taste fresh red fruits, sage, mint, and black pepper, with medium (++) tannins and medium (+) acidity. The price is €27.
  • Can Calopa Natural Wine is a blend of Sangiovese and Monastrell, spontaneously fermented to create a deep purple color and fresh aromas of barnyard, spices, cherries, and tobacco. On the palate, you can taste notes of cherries, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberries, with medium tannins and acidity. I loved this energetic and elegant wine, which is priced at €19.

My thoughts of the tasting

It was great to get an overview of the diverse range of wines produced by this Spanish winery, which includes both traditional and newer styles. Thank you, Jip and Job, for inviting me and allowing me to enjoy these wines. And a special thanks to Iñigo for sharing stories about the wines and discussing your special projects.

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