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An important aspect that I am concerned with is sustainability, and particularly the opportunities to do things better, not only for ourselves but also for our environment. Because I work a lot with wine, I also see many possibilities in this area. An example of this is the weight of an empty wine bottle, which I increasingly focus on in my articles. On average, an empty bottle weighs about 400-450 grams, but there are now producers who make bottles weighing 300 grams. This is a positive development because it makes transportation lighter and requires less energy.

However, there are also other ways to package wine, such as wine in a box, especially boxes of 3 liters. This is equivalent to 4 bottles of 75cl, but packaged in a plastic bag with a cardboard casing. In the wine world, we call this a Bag In Box, or BIB. BIB wines do not always have the best reputation because they often contain lower quality wine and often use blends of grapes that you would not normally see. However, this varies by country, but I will come back to that later.

It is known that BIB wines should be consumed within a year after filling. This actually applies to many wines we buy because they are not meant to be stored for longer than 1 to 2 years. The advantage of a BIB wine is that it can remain good for up to 6 to 8 weeks after opening. This is because little oxygen and light enter the packaging during pouring. It is important to store the wines in a cool place, so not on top of the stove or in front of a window where the sun shines.

My first introduction with BiboVino

My interest in Bag in Box wines grew when I discovered BiboVino wines on a French-language website. The wines had attractive purple packaging and featured winemakers discussing their wines next to them, with appealing wine labels. I was immediately impressed. Fortunately, with the help of Google translate, I was able to understand a significant portion of the information and became curious about the story behind these BiboVino wines. It turned out that they were a selection of wines curated by Bruno Quenioux, a highly experienced wine professional who also owns a wine shop in Paris. His goal is to contribute to the revitalization of the French vineyard and reintroduce the public to more “authentic” wines, such as terroir wines.

Because I always consider possibilities and opportunities, I immediately thought, I want to try these wines, but is it available in the Netherlands? The answer to the last question was a quickly yes, and that made me immediately enthusiastic and happy. And that’s how I got in touch with the Dutch branch of BiboVino.

World of BiboVino

World of BiboVino

My visit to the tasting room of BiboVino

I arranged a meeting with the team behind BiboVino in the Netherlands to gather more information about their wines. They shared the story of Bruno Quenioux and their objective to raise awareness of these wines among Dutch consumers. They carefully select a collection of BiboVino wines that they believe are well-suited for the Dutch market. However, a 2-liter pack of wine priced at €110 is not practical, as it amounts to €42 per bottle, which is higher than the average consumer in the Netherlands typically spends on wine. Instead, they focus on choosing 3-liter packs with prices ranging from €35 to €55, which is equivalent to €8.75-€13.75 per bottle. I had the pleasure of tasting the available portfolio. Not everything was in stock because they were sold out due to their success and new deliveries were delayed because of protests by farmers in France.

My tasting notes of the wines

During my visit, I had the chance to try a wide variety of wines. Usually, you come across nice pictures of bottles with appealing labels. With a BIB wine, on the other hand, you don’t get the fancy bottle shape, but with BiboVino, you do get a beautiful label. As you can see in the pictures, it’s a good idea to write the date on it when you open it, so you know when the 6-8 weeks are up and the wine’s shelf life is coming to an end. Based on what I’ve seen, most people can finish 4 bottles of wine in 6-8 weeks. Below, you’ll find my personal tasting notes for the wines I had the pleasure of trying. In summary, all the wines are of very high quality and have great flavors and aromas.

Loire Saumur Blanc BIO Les Pierres Blanches 2022 (87/100)

The color’s got a nice lemony vibe. On the nose, you’ll pick up apple, lemon, and pear scents, with just a whisper of spices, flowers, and beeswax. The taste? It’s got an herby kick, a fair whack of acidity, and a touch of fruity flavors, all wrapping up with a finish that leaves you feeling pretty satisfied.

Price range: € 47,50

Loire Saumur Blanc BIO Les Pierres Blanches 2022 (87:100)

Sud Ouest Bergerac Blanc BIO Château Le Tap 2022 (89/100)

Got a lovely lemon color in the glass. Sniff it and you’ll get a noseful of apricot, peach, apple, cherries. Give it a sip and you’ll find it’s super refreshing with hints of apple, melon, lemon, citrus peel, lime, just the right amount of acidity, and a finish that keeps on going.

Price range: €41,-

Sud Ouest Bergerac Blanc BIO Château Le Tap 2022 (89:100)

Sud Ouest Cotes de Gascogne Colombard ORGANIC 2022 (87/100)

This wine has a bright, lemony color that just pops in the glass. Sniff it and you’ll get a whiff of apple, pear, apricot and something that smells like wet stone. Take a sip and you’re gonna taste peach and, again, that wet stone flavor, with a pretty solid kick of acidity. This wine can pretty much go with anything.

Price range: € 36,-

Sud Ouest Cotes de Gascogne Colombard ORGANIC 2022 (87:100)
AOC Rosé Pays D'OC Fleurs de Méditerranné (88:100)

AOC Rosé Pays D’OC Fleurs de Méditerranné (88/100)

This rosé is like a fruit salad in your glass – think raspberries, strawberries, a hint of rosemary, and a splash of raspberry candies. It’s got a bit of a medium finish, some light tannins, and a mix of gooseberry and pear flavors on the palate, with just the right amount of acidity.

In short, it’s a super tasty fruity rosé that’s perfect for kicking back with some appetizers or just sipping on in the sunshine.

Price range: € 40,-

Rose Triennes mediterranee (90:100)

Rose Triennes mediterranee (90/100)

Color, check this out: it’s a gorgeous salmon pink that’s not too light, not too dark. Nose, we’re talking serious rosé business here with a heavy dose of raspberries and cherries.

Palate, it’s like a dance of medium acids and light tannins, with raspberry and sour apricot taking the lead.

Overall, this is no ordinary rosé. It’s a rockstar on its own, and it’s a chameleon with different dishes. Give it a go from start to finish and you’ll be amazed by its range of flavors. Trust me, you gotta try this. It’s top-notch.

Price range: € 45,-

Beaujolais l’Ancien Jean Paul Brun 2022 (88/100)

Color, it’s like a medium ruby. On the nose, you get raspberry, a rustic vibe, spices, and earth.

Taste, surprisingly high tannins, medium acids, earthy strawberry, fresh, eucalyptus.

Overall, it’s a really nice light-drinking wine with lovely structures that you can definitely chill a bit before serving. Super cool!

Price range: € 52,50

Beaujolais l'Ancien Jean Paul Brun 2022 (88:100)

Cheverny Rouge -Domaine de Veilloux Loire 2021 (88/100)

The color, it’s got this medium ruby vibe.

On the nose, you’ll catch whiffs of roses, fragrant strawberries, more roses, some floral notes, and a bit of spicy sage.

Take a sip, there are high tannins, medium acidity, blossom, roses, cherries, it’s elegant and medium complex, with a bit of a bitter twist at the end that lasts a good while.

Overall, this is a super cool floral wine. It’s not too complex, but it’s fun to drink with its different layers of flavor.

Price range: € 49,-

Cheverny Rouge -Domaine de Veilloux Loire 2021 (88:100)

Auvergne Terres et Laves Maison Desprat Saint Verny 2020 (88/100)

The color is like a medium garnet red, and the nose gives off hints of strawberries, it’s young, fresh, tight, and smells like wet stone. When it comes to taste, it’s got medium tannins and acids, stony, wet stone, minerals, lots of young red fruit.

All in all, this is a pretty attractive wine with nice refined minerality, and the young red fruit is pure and beautiful.

Price range: € 52,-

Auvergne Terres et Laves Maison Desprat Saint Verny 2020 (88:100)


Languedoc AOP Saint Chinian 2022 (88/100)


So, this ruby-red colored wine has a medium intensity. The aroma? It’s like a young, youthful, mix of raspberry, strawberry, floral, and red fruit vibes. When you take a sip, you’ll get a medium dose of acidity and tannins, and it goes down smooth and elegant.

In a nutshell, it’s a lovely young, easy-drinking wine with notes of blossom and red fruit. I mean, who wouldn’t love that, right?

Price range: € 49,-

Languedoc AOP Saint Chinian 2022 (88:100)

Côtes du Rhône Cairanne BIO Trapadis 2022 (89/100)

Color? A rich ruby red. The smell? Super aromatic, really inviting. You’ll get strawberry, raspberry, a bit of rustic charm, it’s fresh, a beautiful mix. On to the taste, we’ve got medium tannins, medium acidity, strawberry, raspberry, a hint of thyme, rosemary, and a smidge of cherry.

Overall, it’s a super attractive aromatic wine that would totally rock in your home wine bar.

Price range: € 50,-

Côtes du Rhône Cairanne BIO Trapadis 2022 (89:100)

Côtes du Rhône Costières de Nîmes BIO Domaine de Scamandre 2019 (90/100)

This wine’s color is a nice deep garnet and let me tell you, the aroma is something else! It’s got licorice, bay leaves, wet newspaper, wet wool, and ripe red fruit. Seriously, you just can’t stop sniffing it because it smells so good. The taste? It’s got high tannins and medium acidity, with flavors of licorice, bay leaves, cocoa, ripe red fruit, cherries, strawberries, plums, and a spicy kick. It ends with a long finish. Overall, this is a great food wine with a distinct aroma and juicy taste. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m totally into it.

Price range: € 49

Côtes du Rhône Costières de Nîmes BIO Domaine de Scamandre 2019 (90:100)

Sud Ouest Altura 350 Pays de Cucugnan 2021 (88/100)

The color is a beautiful garnet red, and the aroma is all about juicy raspberries, spicy, smooth, and incredibly fresh.

Taste-wise, it’s got medium tannins and acids, juicy, fresh, raspberry goodness, and it’s easy-going and uncomplicated.

In a nutshell, it’s a wine that won’t let anyone down. You’ll seriously enjoy this one, no need to overthink it, just kick back and enjoy.

Price range: € 45,-

Sud Ouest Altura 350 Pays de Cucugnan 2021 (88:100)

My thoughts on BiboVino wines

Honestly, the wines are super delicious. They are worth their price. And the packaging, I mean, who doesn’t love sustainability, right? So if you are a wine lover looking for quality and great packaging, then you really should try the wines from Bibovino. Just a quick tip: let the wine from a Bag in Box breathe a bit – give your glass a good swirl or pour it in a carafe (which also looks pretty slick!). You can actually set up a small wine bar with different options – white, rosé, red, whatever you want. So there is something for everyone. A nice light white wine as an aperitif, and a beautiful red wine with the meal – the possibilities are endless. You just have to try it once to see how delicious and easy these wines are. Highly recommended!

Thank you, Bibovino, for letting us taste your wines!

For more information about the wines and how you can order them:


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