Rarevines: A Wine Lover’s Paradise – Exploring Exceptional Wines and Unforgettable Experiences

I recently had the pleasure of testing the wineshop of Rarevines and I would like to share my experience with you. First of all, if you are a wine lover, you will definitely appreciate the shop’s selection of wines. The unique way that different sommeliers provide recommendations, along with food-pairing suggestions and complete information about the wines, is truly exceptional. They sent me three wines to test and review, and the overall experience of using the website and receiving the wines was outstanding.

Very User-Friendly Website

The website has a clean and modern design that makes it easy to navigate. I found it very user-friendly and was able to quickly find what I was looking for. They offer a great selection of wines from various regions around the world. The sommelier also provides information about why they love a specific wine and food pairing suggestions, including a recipe. Additionally, the information about each wine is very complete, including its region, whether it is organic, biodynamic, vegan, recommended drinking temperature, closure type, and grape variety.

The Faces Behind Rarevines

Rarevines is an online wine shop founded by Spencer and Lauren, who share a deep passion for wine and expertise. Their aim is to make learning about and buying wine fun and inclusive. They partner with Netherlands-based sommeliers who curate unique and interesting wine selections and provide short stories about each wine. Rarevines also focuses on building an in-person community around their love of wine.

What sets Rarevines apart from other online wine retailers is their partnership with sommeliers. Customers are encouraged to get to know their sommeliers by following them on social media, saying hi when they visit their restaurants, or attending one of the tastings.

lauren and spencer

lauren and spencer

The Wines

Let’s talk about the wines themselves. I tried three different wines from Rarevines and I have to say that they were all exceptional.

The first wine I tried was a white wine from Spain, a Verdejo from Rueda, with the famous Ossian label. The wine had a rich, full-bodied flavor that was outstanding, with very nice structure.

The second wine was a white wine from Rioja in Spain, made with the Viura and Malvasia grape. It had a crisp, refreshing taste that was perfect for a summer afternoon.

Last but not least, I tried a red wine from Italy, which had a delicate, floral aroma and a light, refreshing taste.

One thing that really stood out to me about Rarevines is their commitment to quality. All of the wines I tried were of the highest quality and you could really taste the difference.

Rarevines trio

Tasting notes of the three wines

Here are my in-depth reviews.

Ossian Verdejo Rueda 2020

The first wine is a white wine called Ossian 2020 from Rueda, Spain. It is made with the Verdejo grape and has a distinctive label. The bottle is noticeably heavy, adding to its appeal. What sets this wine apart is that it is certified organic and biodynamic, according to the website. It has a medium yellow color in the glass and produces abundant tears, indicating high viscosity. This could be due to a high alcohol content or a significant amount of sugars. The alcohol percentage is 13.5%, suggesting it is a well-concentrated wine.

In terms of aroma, it offers a beautiful and intense experience. The scents are highly pronounced, with notes of freshly cut grass and abundant fruit, particularly white and stone fruit. Prominent flavors include peach, apricot, and nectarine. There is also a subtle hint of saltiness. Moving on to the taste, it delivers a pleasant peach flavor. The aroma also has a subtle resemblance to peach candies, but in a delightful way. The taste is complemented by a touch of wet stone, flinty notes, and minerality, creating a fresh and crisp sensation. Overall, it is an incredibly beautiful wine, especially for Verdejo enthusiasts. It still carries a youthful emotional appeal, with the potential for further development.

The wine exhibits layers of fruit and fruity notes, including nectarine and peach. Upon revisiting the aroma, the scent of peach becomes even more pronounced, with a lovely sweetness. It provides medium pleasure, with a long-lasting intensity and finish. In summary, it is an exceptionally enjoyable wine.

Variety: 100% Verdejo

Appellation: Rueda

Price range: € 40,-

Buy the wine yourself: https://rarevines.eu/products/ossian-verdejo-rueda-2020

Ossian Verdejo 2020
Altùn Ana De Altùn 2022

Altùn Ana De Altùn 2022

The second wine is a white wine from Rioja, Spain, produced by Altùn Ana De Altùn in 2022. It is made from the Viura and Malvasia grape varieties. This white wine has a beautiful appearance, with a light yellow color and a slight green hue. The aroma is of medium intensity, with notes of tropical fruit, passion fruit, nectarine, apricot, and hints of dried green herbs. There are also light vanilla notes and a touch of peach.

On the palate, this wine is crisp and fresh, with a pleasing thickness. It offers abundant flavors of tropical fruit, nectarine, peach, and rosemary for the green herbs. There are also hints of dried green herbs, light vanilla notes, and a subtle coconut undertone. The taste is delicious and refreshing, with a medium-plus acidity. The finish is medium in length. Overall, this wine is very elegant and pleasant, with a beautifully dry character.

Variety: Viura Malvasia

Appellation: Rioja

Price range: € 15,-

Buy the wine yourself: https://rarevines.eu/products/altun-ana-de-altun-2022

Cà De Maghi Canova Rosso 2021

The last wine is Canova Rosso from Valpolicella, a red wine. It has a funny label with a gnome that scares you, giving a boo-like feeling. The back of the label is more appealing, with a calmer and more business-like design. This wine is a light red with 12% alcohol.

In the glass, it has a medium ruby red color. The aroma is full of fruit, as well as leather, tobacco, chocolate, and cocoa. There is an abundance of dark red fruit. On the palate, it is round with medium acidity and a slight sweetness, showcasing plenty of ripe red fruit. This also leads to a slightly lighter sweet aftertaste. The flavors of strawberries and rich cherries stand out.

While it may not be highly complex, it is a very pleasant and elegant wine that pairs well with a meal. It can also be enjoyed as a sipping wine when slightly chilled. The medium tannins are round. The wine exhibits a diverse and non-monotonous character, likely due to the blend of different grape varieties. In terms of taste, you can detect multiple fruit and grape varieties. Overall, it is very enjoyable and elegant.

Variety: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara, Croatina

Appellation: Valpolicella

Price range: € 14,-

Buy the wine yourself: https://rarevines.eu/products/ca-dei-maghi-canova-rosso-2021

Ossian Verdejo 2020

My Final Thoughts on Rarevines

In conclusion, I highly recommend checking out Rarevines if you are a wine lover. Their website is user-friendly, their wine selection is exceptional, and their commitment to quality is evident in every bottle. Why not try something new and discover your new favorite wine today? Thank you very much Spencer and Lauren for sending me these bottles and letting me test the Rarevines experience.

Visit their shop at https://rarevines.eu/

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