Irmàna Organic Line by Corvo new portfolio

I received Irmàna Organic Line wines from Corvo to taste and review. The organic and sustainable Irmàna Line offers single-varieties with a Sicilian heart. Corvo has earned the Viva and Equalitas sustainability certifications for their attention to the natural aspects of the grape and respect for the surrounding area. Irmàna Nero d’Avola, Grillo, and Frappato are the three native single-varieties that make up Corvo’s Irmàna Line, which is turning organic for 2023.

The Irmána Line is dedicated to social, economic, and environmental sustainability. They conform to all the requirements set forth by certifying agencies across the entire production chain and use grapes that have been grown organically. Additionally, they use local laborers.

People who leave the countryside for the cellar and beyond are accurately listening by carefully working in the vineyard, moving between the rows, and weighing each bunch to select the best ones. This technique is still the most dependable today and ensures that the Irmàna Line wines capture the essence of the vines in the glass.

The core ideas outlined as a result of Corvo’s relentless work on the Irmàna Line reveal the true nature of Sicily and its abundance of Mediterranean fragrances and inspirations.

Design of the brand Irmàna

The use of recycled materials for the label is just one example of how the Irmàna line stresses sustainability throughout its design. There are exquisite pencil drawings on the label. Additionally, the cork used to close the bottles is completely recyclable and has no impact on the environment.

Tasting the Irmàna Organic Line

It was a genuine delight to taste the three wines. All of the wines are made with care and amazing pure. You can clearly see the passion that goes into creating the new Italian wine style, which is delicate, elegant, and not overly heavy.

Irmàna Frappato Sicilia DOC

The color of this fruity wine is a pale purple that is not very dark. It has a lovely aroma that is light with a hint of overripe red berries. The primary aromas you’ll detect are raspberries, strawberries, a hint of cassis, floral undertones, and subtle rosemary herbs. The smell has a faint but discernible alcohol scent. With silky medium (-) tannins, medium acidity, and quite a bit of red fruit like strawberries and raspberries, the wine has a light, smooth flavor. This light-style wine is delightful and has a medium finish. It tastes much better when slightly cold and goes great with meat, medium-mature cheeses, and fatty fish dishes.

Irmàna Nero d’Avola

A beautiful, strong wine with a little rim and a rich purple hue; it still has a youthful appearance, which is typical for a wine from 2022. The aroma is beautiful, with hints of cocoa and flavors of blackberries, blueberries, and black fruit. It has a strong, even slightly smokey and leathery aroma. With aromas of strawberries and cherries and a glimmer of bay leaf, cocoa, and chocolate, the flavor is varied and nuanced. The wine is well-balanced because to its superb structure, medium (+) tannins, and acidity. It’s a great wine to pair with cheese, grilled meat, and excellent pasta.

Irmàna Grillo Sicilia DOC

A wine with a slight green hue that looks like sunshine is in your glass. It has hints of melon in the aroma, as well as red apples, pears, and green apples. On the palate, it has hints of citrus and lime zest as well as minerals and a faint saltiness. It has a light body, brief finish, and is easy to drink without being overly difficult. It is well-balanced thanks to the modest acidity. A small coating, oily sensation also exists in the mouth. This wine goes well with a delicious salad, smoked chicken, or fish meals, as well as on its own.


Nero d’Avola, Grillo, and Frappato are three local single-varieties that are part of Corvo’s Irmàna Organic Line. I love the grapes’ clear expression. The business promotes sustainability even in its branding, and the wines are organic and environmentally friendly. The Frappato is light and gentle, the Nero d’Avola is robust and complex, and the Grillo is simple to drink with a somewhat salty and mineral flavor. The wines are well-made and tasty. All three wines are harmonious and go well with a variety of foods.

Thank you, Corvo, for providing me with these Irmàna Organic Line wines for tasting and review.

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