Exploring Luxury Grapes: A Unique Wine Experience with four very diverse bottles

I had the opportunity to test Luxury Grapes’ website, and I received 4 of their wines to try. Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity.

Luxury Grapes was founded by two young entrepreneurs with a passion for wine and gastronomy. They have a beautiful website with an amazing selection that truly brings innovation to the wine world. They have a fresh perspective on wine, where enjoyment and food pairing are very important. Luxury Grapes makes luxury wines accessible to everyone, including young people. As they say themselves: wine is fun, wine is delicious, and doesn’t have to be pretentious. In addition to their perfect website, with detailed tasting notes and advice on dishes that pair well with the wine, they are also always ready to provide personal advice. In my opinion, this is a beautiful and unique concept.

What makes their website so unique?

Firstly, the website is incredibly user-friendly as soon as you visit it. You are immediately greeted with an easy-to-navigate menu, categorized sections, and a wide selection of wines on display. The website operates at an impressive speed, providing a seamless browsing experience.

Each category is accompanied by a helpful description, offering valuable information for those who are less familiar with white wine, port, sparkling wine, and more. Every wine listing includes a comprehensive description, details about the winery, origin information, wine-food pairings, ratings from platforms such as Vivino or James Suckling, customer reviews, and shipping information. The website also offers convenient filtering and selection options, adding to its uniqueness. Overall, everything is in excellent condition.

Unique Shipping Experience

After ordering the wines, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your order in an accessible and personal manner, including the expected delivery day. Then, you will receive a packaging and delivery email, where you can even reschedule the delivery if you know you will not be at home. It worked seamlessly. You can truly feel that they have put in a lot of effort and didn’t just leave everything to standard text, but instead, created a complete luxury experience.

Which wines have I tasted?

I have tasted four wines, each offering a nice diversity. These include a white wine from Burgundy, an Orange Wine from Georgia, a Spanish red wine made from 100% Carignan, and an Italian red wine made from Primitivo from Puglia. Below, you will find my personal tasting notes and links to the wines on the Luxury Grapes website.

luxerygrapes 4 bottels

Danjean Berthoux Givry 1er Cru ‘La Plante’ Blanc 2022 (92/100)

If you are looking for an elegant white wine that exudes subtlety and good taste, treat yourself and your friends to this delightful wine. It is enjoyable on its own and also complements a variety of delicious foods.

Variety: 100% Chardonnay

Price range: € 41,-

Beautiful light yellow color that is very smooth in your glass.

On the medium(+) nose, there are aromas of dried apple, pear, vanilla, and a hint of sweet coconut. Additionally, there are notes of peach and fennel.

On the palate, this wine is dry and medium-bodied with medium(+) acidity. It presents flavors of creamy apple, lightly baked peach, herbs, and a pleasant light flinty buttery finish of medium(+) length.

Link to the wine: https://luxurygrapes.nl/products/danjean-berthoux-givry-1er-cru-la-plante-blanc-2022

Back Danjean Berthoux Givry 1er Cru 'La Plante' Blanc 2022
Side Bedoba Orange Wine 2021

Bedoba Orange Wine 2021 (89/100)

This is a wonderful orange wine from Georgia, showcasing subtle elements that are typical of Qvevri orange wines from the region. It is made from the local grape varieties Rkatsiteli and Kisi.

Variety: Rkatsiteli and Kisi

Price range: € 19,-

In the glass, a beautiful color appears, somewhere between orange and amber.

The medium(+) nose reveals notes of candied orange, apricots, peach, and spices like cinnamon and cardamom. These aromas blend together in an appealing and complex manner.

On the palate, the wine is dry and medium-bodied, with medium(+) acidity and medium(-) tannins. It offers pleasant flavors of dried fruit, a hint of raspberries, and spices, creating a nice level of complexity. The finish is of medium length and showcases intriguing layers that leave you wanting to explore further.

Link to the wine: https://luxurygrapes.nl/products/bedoba-orange-wine-2021

Cignomoro 80 Vecchie Vigne Primitivo di Manduria Old Vines 2021 (86/100)

A beautiful full-bodied red wine, presented in a very heavy bottle. It has a sweet aroma with notes of red fruit. While it is attractive, it may not be my personal favorite type of wine.

Variety: 100% Primitivo

Price range: € 32,-

The color of the wine is a dark ruby red with a light rim in the glass.

The aroma is medium-bodied with notes of ripe fruit, herb-like hints, raspberry accents, and a very sweet scent with a touch of leather.

This medium-dry wine offers flavors of ripe red fruit, herbs, chocolate, and cocoa. It has a moderate level of tannins and acidity, with a sweet aftertaste. It is an easy and smooth wine to drink, but I personally prefer it to be drier.

Link to the wine: https://luxurygrapes.nl/products/cignomoro-80-vecchie-vigne-primitivo-di-manduria-old-vines-2021

Back Cignomoro 80 Vecchie Vigne Primitivo di Manduria Old Vines 2021
Back Bodegas Care Finca Marimú Viñas Viejas 2021

Bodegas Care Finca Marimú Viñas Viejas 2021 (90/100)

This wine is incredibly appealing, showcasing strength and elegance. From the moment you smell and taste it, you can immediately sense that something extraordinary is in your glass. As you allow it to breathe a little, it gracefully unfolds and reveals its full potential.

Variety: 100% Carignan

Price range: € 19,-

The glass reveals a deep purple color.

On the medium (+) nose, there are pleasant woody notes, initially slightly chemical but quickly dissipating when swirled. Notes of rhubarb, vanilla, ripe red fruit, leather, and cocoa are present. These fruity notes are very nice and fresh.

The flavor is delicious, with a slightly sour raspberry taste and ripe black fruit. There are also fresh notes of eucalyptus and a hint of rhubarb. The wine has medium tannins and acidity, contributing to an elegant taste. Subtle hints of leather and chocolate add complexity. Overall, it is a very elegant and attractive flavor, with the raspberries and strawberries standing out. The spiciness of thyme and rosemary adds to its appeal, along with the undertones of dragon. I really enjoyed this wine.

Link to the wine: https://luxurygrapes.nl/collections/bodegas-care/products/bodegas-care-finca-marimu-vinas-viejas-2020

Exploring Luxury Grapes: A Unique Wine Experience

In conclusion, Luxury Grapes offers a unique and innovative wine experience. Their website features a user-friendly interface, detailed information on each wine, and convenient filtering options. The founders’ passion for wine and gastronomy shines through in their selection of wines and their commitment to making luxury wines accessible to everyone.

During my tasting experience, I had the pleasure of trying four incredible wines from Luxury Grapes. From the delightful white wine from Burgundy to the intriguing Orange Wine from Georgia, each wine provided a distinct and enjoyable experience. The tasting notes, wine-food pairings, and customer reviews highlighted Luxury Grapes’ dedication to providing a comprehensive wine experience.

Luxury Grapes not only excels in their wine selection but also provides a unique shipping experience. The confirmation and packaging emails showcase their attention to detail and their desire to create a complete luxury experience for their customers.

Overall, Luxury Grapes is a game-changer in the wine world. Whether you are a wine enthusiast or simply looking to explore new flavors, I highly recommend checking out Luxury Grapes. Cheers to good wine and good times!

Thanks again for giving me this opportunity, Luxury Grapes!


Go check out the website of Luxery grapes: https://luxurygrapes.nl/

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