About Vinovonk


My name is Jeroen Vonk, and I am a wine enthusiast from Amstelveen. I have gained my wine experience by tasting many different wines and by completing a wine education program, obtaining an SDEN3 wine certificate and now studying for WSET level 3. I write for this platform, as well as for The Story of My Wine, Anne-Wies, and other freelance assignments for winemakers, importers, and wine magazines.

My personal stories bring the world of wine to life and excite readers’ senses. Whether I am sharing my experiences attending events or writing reviews about exceptional wines, I strive to optimize my content for conversation and search engine rankings (SEO). This ensures that my work not only resonates with my audience and sparks meaningful conversations but also ranks well in search engines.


Spark meaningful conversations by personal stories that create an engaging and memorable experience that goes beyond a bottle of wine.

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